Who We Are

NationTech Communications Ltd, A company of Multi Utility and Infrastructure providers specializing in the project management, connection, repair and replacement of Civil Works, ELECTRICITY, GAS, WATER, and TELECOMS networks.

We offer a variety of services related to the Utilities Infrastructure Industry, and pride ourselves on our reputation for the highest quality work and the ability to successfully undertake any project. This is a direct result of the employment of qualified and technically gifted staff, backed up by our in house training schemes and over 5 years of experience within the industry.

NationTech Communications Ltd offer a full on site solution backed up by a professional and highly experienced project management capability, utilizing the latest in innovative project design techniques and successful CDM Operations, applying the latest Health and Safety legislation. We believe that any task can be completed, making NationTech Communications Ltd industry leaders in innovative project management and multi utilities operations.

NationTech Communications Ltd is frequently commended by Industry Leaders and are accredited by the Bangladesh’s leading organizations.

Core Values

Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks.

Cost Estimation

The cost estimation services offered @ NationTech cover all the costs related to the overall run of the project from beginning to the very end

Cost Control

Cutting costs is the most sought after objective in any Construction Management activity that we undertake for our clients. In order to achieve this most crucial objective,

Design Engineering

NationTech also pride in offering world class services related to the projects based on design engineering. We undertake comprehensive design and detail making of these projects with the help of our team of structural engineers, who have a long experience of handling these projects in the past.

Document Control

NationTech also pride in offering comprehensive solutions to support our clients document control challenges across their construction project sites. Employing a fine combination of well trained professionals, time-tested industry processes, and the latest world class technology at our disposal

Program Management

NationTech are designed with a view to provide advice and analytic data throughout the execution of a construction project. These services begin right at the start from prior planning, to detailed scheduling, to calculating the budgeting requirements of the project, to undertaking the tenders for choosing the most economical and quality conscious contractors, and finally supervising the execution till the time the construction work finishes completely and the constructed structure is ready to be moved in by the clients.

Project Controls

@ NationTech help in coordinating all the activities involved in the execution of a project. These services assume great importance in minimizing in-process cost escalations and delays caused by the mismanagement of resources and their proper use in a given time frame. Even those projects that are well planned to the last details and adequately backed up financially can easily get stuck in unseen bottlenecks without the presence of Project Control Services during the execution of a project.


The scheduling services offered @ NationTech cover all the scheduling activities related to the overview of an entire project from beginning to the very end. Apart from this, we also offer cost and resource based scheduling to our clients as well to help their managers at the site in taking key decisions pertaining to the execution of the project.

Value Engineering

The range of services offered by us in Value Engineering use the most pragmatic methods to attain the desired results for optimizing cost and quality factors. We make sure that the project being delivered fully matches the requisite yardsticks of performance, dependability, looks and is also compliant with all the essential safety regulations as well.

The Team

Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks.